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Outdoor Gear.

Wine & Beer. 

Inclusive Community.

Lebanon, Ohio


Join us for events, classes and to buy and sell used gear!


A Note on Store Hours & Mission 

Arrow Adventure started as an outdoor experience and gear pop-up shop, and in May of 2023, opened a store Lebanon, Ohio. While we still offer used gear and external Arrow Events, we also have a bar and gathering space in a DORA district. We love taking part in Lebanon events, and have added offerings like wine tastings, patio music, bike maintenance, fundraisers and informational talks designed to inspire. Being a solo entrepreneur, it's a challenge to offer all the things AND have a personal life.  Because I believe that everything we offer is valuable, store hours will be a little unconventional, in order to accommodate the store mission and balance family, friends and mental health.

Although we will strive for some consistency, each week at Arrow looks different. I'm asking you, my awesome adventure community, to go along for the ride and always check the calendar for weekly hours and events.  You find the schedule at the calendar link below, posted weekly on social media, updated at the bottom of this page and in front of the store.  Hope that you can hang with us soon!



Adventuring that's accessible for all.


Encouraging YOU to get out there and do the thing you've always wanted.

How are we doing it? 

Creating a community that provides introductory experiences.

Providing quality used outdoor gear.

The benefit?

Affordability. Community. Sustainability. Pushing Limits. ADVENTURE, baby!

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