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Two gals, a wee bit of wanderlust,
and a desire to share the joy

Once upon a time, two girls decided they wanted to go on a backpacking adventure...except they had never backpacked. Nor did they own a backpack. Or know anyone who could lend them a backpack, or any other advice for that matter. Now, they could have poo poo'd that idea right there and just went to happy hour, but instead decided to figure it out their dang selves and had an epic time testing out their skills on the Appalachian Trail. 


What they realized when they came back was that there are LOADS of people who want to get outdoors and try new things, but don't have the gear, peeps or encouragement to get started. 

And so Arrow Adventure was born.

Arrow Adventure aren't experts about EVERYTHING, but are down for pretty much all things outdoors, and are creating a community of folks of all ages, genders, levels of experience who just want to try something new or something they used to LOVE  but got away from.  It's about connecting you with local experts that can show you how it's done and sharing ways for you to dip your toe or jump headfirst, whatever invigorates YOU.

With all this adventurin' comes a lot of expensive gear, which can sometimes be a barrier to try new stuff.  That's where the Arrow Adventure Gear Exchange comes in. The exchange allows you to find gently used gear for your next excursion, sell the gear you've moved beyond and help us all be more sustainable and our landfills less full.

Follow us on @arrowadventurecincy on Insta and Facebook to see what's on the horizon or what gear is for sale!

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